PerkSpot and 3rd Party Cookies - A Message From Our Tech Team

PerkSpot hosts offers from about 8,000 separate merchants.  These merchants either have a direct relationship with PerkSpot, or we acquire them through a 3rd party aggregator. 

In most cases, clicking “Shop Now” takes you directly to the merchant page.  In some cases, you may be transparently redirected through an aggregator or landing site first.  When that happens, the aggregator may write a cookie to track your activity and correlate purchases made across merchants.  The ability to do this is one reason merchants work with aggregators.  We cannot control cookies written by 3rd parties.

These 3rd party cookies represent a privacy concern for some. 

If you have concerns about these cookies, you may wish to browse in Chrome’s Incognito mode, Internet Explorer’s  InPrivate mode, or Firefox’s Private Browsing mode.  Using incognito or clearing your cookies between visits to PerkSpot will not affect your PerkSpot experience.  You will not be able to remain logged in between browser sessions if you clear cookies, but you may re-login at any time.

Other marketing and tracking issues:

PerkSpot monitors all user activity on our site for security, performance, and site optimization.  We will use this information to better market offers to our members.  For example, we may highlight hotel deals for customers who frequently search for airfares.  This optimization is performed by software without direct human intervention. 

We use 3rd party services for support and email processing.  Our support is provided through ZenDesk, our password reset emails are processed by PostMark, and our deals newsletter is mailed for us by SailThru.  All three may place 3rd party cookies on your browser to ensure application performance and email deliverability.  They are not authorized to use your information for any purpose other than supporting PerkSpot. 


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    fine out how



    Help with  getting a discount  from best buy they  do not how to do the discount

    How much is walgreen discount with best buy




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    Shirley Braxton

    looking for hotel in Baltimore...HotelStorm..Help need for next weekend

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    Susan Myers

    How are any discounts found?  The website is not at all friendly, and does not show anything to click on!!  Not happy.  


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    Not working!!!!!

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